At A Glance

PSD International is a leader in every aspect of global supply chain management. We design, develop, source and deliver excellent goods and services for countless commendable brands and retailers worldwide.

We dedicate dependable suppliers and manufacturers to responsibly manage various series of high-volume, time-conscious goods.

We provide devoted, undivided attention to each of our partners, granting them the availability to express their needs and us the opportunity to exceed their supply chain demands.

Our aim is to attain the optimal outcome for everyone involved, to produce win-win scenarios. By brandishing our considerable market knowledge, incomparable global network and unparalleled customer relations, we rival alternative global supply chain managers.

Our Values

Our values are the life-blood of how we do everyday business. They structure and emphasize what we’re really all about.

We are family oriented: Dependability and integrity are the keystones to bring a long, successful relationship to its fullest potential. We value and are family to all our employees, partners, and vendors and ceaselessly strive to forge a favorable future together.

We are equality driven: Having honesty and humility regularly exercised into our daily operations, equality is a no-brainer. Each individual contributes a crucial service to safeguard the faultless flow of traffic in our company, and we recognize that quality comes from everywhere. We harness no animosity toward any race, religion, age, gender or sexual orientation and embrace many folks from different strokes.

We are harmony instilled: Finding balance in all we do keeps us thriving as a company. Be it from the superb symmetry of work and personal lives, to the copious coupling we compose between partners and suppliers, a “happy medium” is efficiently attainable.

Our Global Network

Our first-rate operating global network is beyond compare.

Having a capital collection of devoted, enthusiastic employees in a variety of countries allows us to network a growing, diverse spectrum of products to the world. Our innovation extending oversees is why partners see us as the only, undeniable option when it comes to global supply chain managment.